9 Types of Pet Care Services and Professions

9 Types of Pet Care Services and Professions

9 Types of Pet Care Services and Professions. By definition,  pet care is the care and medical treatment of pets. Thus, pet care service is any job that has to do with taking care of pets.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of pet care services and professions out there! And what does it take to become a professional?

Fur Parents Love Their Pets

The United States has 136.4 million homes. This doesn’t even take into account the people who can’t have pets for various reasons.This statistic makes sense that there are 272 million pet lovers.

9 Types of Pet Care Services and Professions


If you think of pet care professionals, top of the types of pet care services list would be the ‘vet’. Also called a veterinary physician or a veterinary surgeon, veterinarians not only care for our pets but also contribute to society by working to improve public health.

To do this, they research diseases and medical conditions of a wide variety of animals and diagnose and treat pets and livestock.

A veterinarian is a doctor who treats animals, but their tasks might actually be a bit more complicated. An animal doesn’t get to a vet’s clinic all by itself.

There has to be a human that helps the animal seek medical attention. This means that the veterinarian will have to deal with at least two individuals all the time.

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