Parrot Foot Rings Metal Pet Bird Leg Rings Outdoor Fly Training Activity Anti-Lost Opening Clip Leash Accessories 0.45 To 1.15CM


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Parrot Foot Rings Metal Pet Birds Leg Rings Outdoor Fly Training Activity Anti-lost Opening Clip Leash Accessories 0.45CM To 1.15CM

Package Including:
1Pair x Birds Fly Training Foot Rings

Material: Zinc alloy
Color: Silver

Size Reference:

Inner hole 4.5mm:
Big head budgerigar, Lovebird, Pacific Parrotlet, Barred Parakeet, Butcher birds

Inner hole 5.5mm:
Cockatiel, Sordid Conure, Rosellas, Red-rumped, Crested Myna, Turtle Dove, Fig

Inner hole 6.5mm:
Sun conure, Jandaya Parakeet, Platycercus eximius, Monk Parakeet, Red-billed Parrot, Small Red-breasted Parakeet, Eurasian Jay

Inner hole 7.5mm:
Pionites, Rose-ringed parakeet, Senegal parrot, Meyer’s Parrot, Red-shouldered Macaw

Inner hole 8.5mm:
Big Pionites, Blue-headed, Scaly-headed, Living Rainbow, Dusk, Pionus

Inner hole 9.5mm:
Alexandrine Parakeet, Small Yellow-crested Cockatoo, Big Red-breasted Parakeet, Mitred Parakeet, Jardine’s Parrot

Inner hole 11.5mm:
African Grey , Eclectus , most Amazons, Medium Yellow-crested Cockatoo


We suggest wear the foot ring without connecting the chain first at the beginning, as some birds might be frighten and can not get used to the bird chain at the beginning, after your bird get used to the foot ring, then you can try to attach the chain to it, important is just step by step,not too hurry.

★7 Size Available:

Multiple sizes are available, suitable for parrots of various sizes, and can be used with foot chain (not included).

1, Ring inner dia: 0.45cm, Lock hole inner dia:0.16cm
2, Ring inner dia: 0.55cm, Lock hole inner dia:0.16cm
3, Ring inner dia: 0.65cm, Lock hole inner dia:0.16cm
4, Ring inner dia: 0.75cm, Lock hole inner dia:0.16cm
5, Ring inner dia: 0.85cm, Lock hole inner dia:0.2cm
6, Ring inner dia: 0.95cm, Lock hole inner dia:0.2cm
7, Ring inner dia: 1.15cm, Lock hole inner dia:0.25cm

★High Quality:

This bird leg ring is made of high quality alloy material, sturdy, high hardness and high strength, and can be used for a long time.

★Easy to Use:

Simple design, convenient and practical to use, easy to wear and take off.
Can reusable using, won’t harm to the legs of birds and allows them move freely.

Additional information

Brand Name



Mainland China




Zinc Alloy,



Is Smart Device






7 Sizes

0.45cm to 1.15cm


1 pair

Size Reference

In the product description


Anti-lost, Outdoor Fly Training

Type 1

Birds Training Leash Rings

Type 2

Bird Foot Rings

Type 3

Parrot Leg Ring

Type 4

Birds Training Accessories


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