ROJECO N30 Electric Dog Nail Clippers For Dog Nail Grinder Rechargeable Professional Pet Clipper For Cat Claws Cutter Grooming


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Note: It is better to use 5V/1A USB Adapter to charge thepet nail grinder.


Are you still troubled by these problems?
Pet nails can easily slip or grow germs without trimming nails.
Your furniture is often scratched because the pet’s nails are not trimmed.
Pet nails are so sharp that they often scratch your skin.
You should buy a professional electric nail grinder for your pet!
And It is better to reserve an Extra 1-3 PCs Diamond Grinding Wheel for your pets!

About this item:

1. Ultra-Powerful Grinder for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs: With 3.6 volts of high power motor, ROJECO new pet nail grinder is 2× more powerful than the previous grinder. That’s strong enough to get all the job done within a few minutes, even for the tough nails of larger dogs.
2. Effective 2-Speed: By summarizing the previous experiences, the 2 grinding speed has raised to 7000rpm and 8000rpm. It’s great to trim both white and dark nails. And the new grinder still uses diamond bit wheel, delivering the most comfortable pet claws grinding.
3. Safer 2 LED Lights Design: ROJECO electric dog nail grinder has 2 LED lights. It allows you to see the dog nail area easier, preventing you from over-grinding. Dual LED lights are a new design. Lights shine more accurately than other ordinary LED grinders, making grinding safer and more precise.
4. Super Low Noise & Vibration: Many pets get stressed by the sound and vibration of a pet nail grinder. However, our electric pet nail grinder uses a superior motor with whisper-quiet technology that produces a very low vibration to keep pets calm and helps pets’ claws faster and easier.
5. Rechargeable & Easy to Use: This N30 dog nail grinder comes with a USB cable for charging, it can last 3 hours after a 3-hour charge. The lightweight and ergonomic body design also make it easier to handle. Easily grind your pet’s nail anywhere. Please worry-free to purchase.

Friend Tips:

If the product is not used for a long time,please charge it once at least every three months.
Product becoming hot during use or charging is normal.
Please clean the impurities on the nail grinding wheel surface when the nail grinding effects are reduced.


1.Don not tear down the clipper at random

2.Do not clean product by water flush,and keep the unit away from damp situation.

3.Do not use any corrosives such as alcohol,gasoline clean the surface.


We have different types of Dog Nail Grinders for our choice.

Color: Blue (N30 Series)

USB adapter Input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz

USB adapter Output: DC5V

Please check each specification: (N10 / N20 / N30 Series)

2021 NEWEST-Pet Nail Grinde with 2 LED Lights.

Ultra-quiet noise, you can get nails done easier.


2 LED Lights / Diamond Bit Grinder / USB Charging / 2 Speed Switch / Superior Motor

Ultra Quite: Low speed gear ≤ 40dB / High speed gear ≤ 50dB

With this Electric Dog Nail Grinder, you will not troubled by these problems:
like Scratch Family, Claw Furniture, Cut Nails To Bleed.

It has 3 Ports Fit For All Kinds Of Pets (For Small Pets / For Medium Pets / For Large Pets)
Please choose the suitable port and power based on your pet’s size and nail hardness for dogs,cats, rabbits and birds,etc.

It has Upgrade Powerful Motor

Upgrade motor with a high-quality brass shaft which has high power, ultra quiet noise, and long service life.

Ultra-Quiet Noise (Low speed gear ≤ 40dB / High speed gear ≤ 50dB)

Diamond Bit Grinder

Adopt an advanced diamond bit grinder, strong and wear-resistant

Ultra-quiet Noise:
Low speed gear ≤ 40db, High speed gear ≤ 50db
It won’t frighten your pet, and you can get nails done easier.

Available for USB Quick Charge & Convenient:
The grinder kit includes an USB cable. It is easy to charge with
your phone adapter / power bank / laptop / in car,etc.

Product details for your reference:

Multiple Authoritative Certifications:
Rojeco nail grinder series have CE / FCC / ROHS certifications. They are safe and guaranteed.

Pet Nail Grinder All Series (N8 / N10 / N20 / N30 / S3 Series)

Detailed Specification for each types:

Product comparisons for your reference:

Here are steps forHow To Use Pet Nail Grinder Correctly.

Additional information

Brand Name



Mainland China


Dogs, N30 Series

Item Type



Stainless Steel


N30 Rechargeable Electric Dog Nail Grinder


White / Blue


Ultra-Quiet Noise (Low speed; 40dB / High speed ; 50dB)


2 LED Lights, 1/2 Gear Speed


Diamond Bit Grinder / USB Charging / 2 Speed Switch / Superior Motor

3 Ports Fit For Pets

For Small Pets / For Medium Pets / For Large Pets

2 Gear Speed

Low Speed-7000RPM / High Speed-8000RPM


CE / FCC / ROHS Certifications


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